Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Simply Adorable - Free Cloth Doll Pattern

I absolutely love this adorable free cloth doll pattern. has them showcased because of how cute and easy to make this free cloth doll pattern is.

There are a few websites out there that share their version of this free cloth doll pattern. You can see one of the doll remakes by Emily Burnette clicking here.

I chose this free cloth doll pattern because of how simple they seem to be. I also liked that they were made from felt and cloth both to give the doll different textures. The simple cloth doll design leaves plenty of room for your personal creativity to take over and decorate the doll. I'm going to use this free cloth doll pattern to make a ballerina doll with a tutu.

Here are the materials you'll need for this free cloth doll pattern:
  • Skin Colored Cloth For Face & Arms - I used felt - but others just use cotton fabric
  • Cotton Cloth For Dress
  • Cotton Cloth For Legs
  • Hair Color Felt
  • Paint for Face (White, Black, Brown, Red)
  • Sewing kit (thread, needles, scissors, etc)
  • Polyester fiberfill
  • A stick to stuff

Included with this free cloth doll pattern is a 3 page tutorial. It is a 10 step tutorial for making the entire cloth doll pattern. However, she is very basic in her instructions so you'll have to "run with it" when it comes to designing the face and adding accessories like the scarf or apron shown in the picture.

Overall a great free cloth doll pattern, I just wish she gave more detailed instructions.. but after a making a few dolls on my own now I'm confident I can tackle these.

Here is the 3 page tutorial for putting together the free cloth doll pattern - Page 1, Page 2, Page 3

Download the Free Cloth Doll Pattern

Special Thanks to Emily Martin for for her creativity and willingness to share her free cloth doll patterns with the world.

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