Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cutie Kids - Felt Doll Making

I'm really enjoying all the patterns available online for different free doll patterns. Today, while searching for something simple that I can make for my niece I came across these cute little kids.

This free felt doll making pattern was perfect for my first attempt mostly because I didn't need a sewing machine... and the pattern seemed simple and easy enough to follow.

Here's some of the really cool "Pro's" of these felt doll making patterns:
  1. Each doll is 6 inches tall. They are not too big, but not so small that they are too hard to handle putting clothes on and off the doll. Ever tried putting clothes on barbie? or one of those tiny polly pocket dolls? They are always a hassle so I'm thinking these dolls are a great size.

  2. I also really liked that the creator gives you free felt doll clothing patterns too. Not only does he give you the little girl and boy clothes, he also links to a couple other patterns that include a Kimono. The clothes are cute, but also simple. Another bonus here is that the backs are open which make them easier to take on and off the doll.

  3. Hair seems to be one of the hardest parts of the other cloth doll patterns I've looked at, but the creator of these felt doll patterns makes the hair separate from the doll so it's interchangeable! Plus his patterns are very simple.

The only "Con" I can come up with for this felt doll making pattern is that there isn't much instruction for the face. I'm a little nervous to hand stitch the mouth with the embroidery thread. I think if the mouth is the only difficult obstacle I'll be able to tackle it and make some pretty awesome felt dolls.

Materials Needed:
  • Skin Color Felt Material
  • Various Color Felt for clothing patterns
  • Polyester fiberfill
  • Small Beads for the eyes
  • Embroidery Thread for the mouth
  • Needle & Thread for sewing the edges

Links To The Creator & Patterns:

Pictures of the Felt Doll Making Process:

Pictures of completed felt doll patterns:

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