Wednesday, December 22, 2010

De-Stressing The Holiday Tension With A Free Cloth Doll Pattern

Today's free cloth doll pattern comes from my much needed day of relaxing :) With all the errand running, baking, keeping the ids busy that are home from school, sometimes moms (and grandma's) just need a few minutes to themselves.

The free cloth doll pattern that I'm giving you today gives you just that... it's a rice filled doll that you can warm up in the microwave. Because it's filled with rice, it holds the heat longer and you can relax in your favorite chair with a warm cup of coffee and this new doll to relax those tense muscles.

Here's what you'll need to make this free cloth doll pattern:
  • 1/2 yard sweatshirt fleece, flannel, polar fleece or any soft moldable fabric (make sure fabrics DO NOT have metallic paint or threads woven into the design)
  • 2 pounds of rice, whole wheat, buckwheat hulls, or dried beans (Do NOT use popcorn)
  • Small amount of polyester fiberfill
  • Funnel 
  • Thread to match fabric 
  • Freezer paper
  • Free Cloth Doll Pattern
Here are the steps to take to make your free cloth doll pattern:
  1. Trace the free cloth doll pattern onto your material and cut out. 
  2. Lay your material so that the right sides are facing each other. Stitch around the edge of your material (so that it's inside out)- be sure to leave an opening under one arm so you can turn the fabric and stuff it after stitching.
  3. Once you're finished sewing, turn the doll inside right. Stuff the head, legs, and arms with polyfil stuffing. 
  4. Now use the funnel to fill the rest of the body with rice. NOTE: you could fil with beans, but I've found rice holds the heat longer. When you fill the doll leave some room for the rice to move around in the body - you want this to be flexible enough to wrap around your neck or lower back etc. 
  5. Finally stitch the opening closed. Be sure to do a good job here - you don't want any rice escaping when you start to use this doll.
When you're ready for some "me time" head the doll in the microwave for 1-2 minutes. Then sit and relax.

A warning from the free cloth doll pattern creator -
WARNING! Do not use a fabric with metallic threads of any kind or sew with metallic threads as your doll will catch fire when heating in the microwave. We recommend you use a patterned fabric for this project, eliminating the need to paint a face or add hair or clothing, as some paint and yarn will not be safe in the microwave.

Special thanks to Sandra Corson-Walker for sharing her free cloth doll pattern with us.

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