Monday, December 27, 2010

Easy Doll Making Tips For The New Year

The best way to learn doll making tips is to do them by trial and error. Unfortunately, that means you have to actually do it wrong before you get to share the easy doll making tip. No worries though, I've decided to share some of my easy doll making tips (or my trial and error learning) with you on Fridays here on the blog.

This weeks top 2 easy doll making tips come from my most recent rag doll that I made for my niece.

Easy Doll Making Tip #1
Dollar stores are your best friend.

Seriously... I ran into to the dollar store the other day to pic up some wrapping paper and a few last minute stocking stuffers. While there, I found a couple of items that I could use for my crafts.

For example, their really cheap dolls for just $1 have LOADS of hair on their heads - in the craft store I'd pay $3-$6 for doll hair, and here it is on a dollar store doll. In the doll section you can often find small chairs for propping your doll on and doll stands. It was also a great place to pick up some doll accessories - hair ties, blush, small toys to attach to your doll. I also found some squeakers and rattles that I plan to use on an upcoming baby doll toy.

So before you make the craft store your first stop - be sure to pop into your local dollar store and see what you can salvage there.

Easy Doll Making Tip #2
When cutting your pattern out from the fabric, cut along the inside of the lines. In one of my most recent doll making experiences, I cut out the pattern following the line as normal, sewed the entire doll together, and then the clothes that I made for her didn't fit.

I found that the small differences between cutting the inside of the line and just outside the line actually make a BIG difference in the size of your doll. Cutting this way will actually affect the size of the fingers on the doll as well and could take out any space you may have wanted when it's turned right side out. So, lesson learned - cut the lines off of the pattern.

Easy Doll Making Tip #3
Add some great flare to your doll by giving her an adorable ballerina tutu. It's a super simple process that is very low cost, but can give your doll some great character and add more texture.

All you need is a simple elastic hair tie that fits around your doll (I picked these up at the dollar store). Then you'll need some Tulle - a BIG roll of it is only $4 at the craft store, and I'm sure if you search the ads you can get it cheaper. Then cut strips of the tulle that are 2x the length between your dolls hip and knee. So if you are making a BIG doll then each strip will be between 8-10 inches.

If you're doing it for a smaller (barbie size doll) the length would be closer to 3-5 inches. Next loop each strip of tulle around the hair tie until it's a full tutu. Then attach to your doll. This makes the doll young and fun - and is great on fairy dolls.

There you have it - this weeks edition of Easy Doll Making Tips... most learned from my trial and error. If you have some you'd like to share feel free to send them in or comment below.

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